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Centenary United Methodist Church

August 2012 Herald

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August 2012 Herald

Posted on Thu, Aug 2, 2012



Centenary Herald

Newsletter of Centenary United Methodist Church

August 2012



 Rev Lehlohonolo Henrietta Montjane MSW, MDIV


I Greet You In The Name Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who Is My Lord and Savior!


God continues to work in miraculous ways in this corner of the world called Attleboro. My family and I are very excited that God brought us your way. Thank you very much for the warm and loving reception that we received. I really appreciated the red, white and blue curtains for the USA and the black, green and yellow curtain for South Africa. That was creative and thoughtful.


I am looking forward to the exciting ministry that God has called us to. ‘With God, all things are possible’ Matthew 19:26. We will be having a prayer group, and bible study in the Fall. Please pray and think about times that would be suitable for you and your family.


I love to do home visits, so please do not hesitate to call me on my cell phone (508) 494-4508 and let me know when I can spend time with you at your home in prayer and fellowship. You are also welcome to see me in the office during office hours and any other time by appointment.


I am excited about Rally Day this September when I can meet all the children and their families. Please come and bring all your friends and neighbors together with their children. We have to be intentional in inviting people to church. There is a music for Mongolia talent show on August 17th, 2012 @ 7:00 p.m. This is another evangelism opportunity that we can all use to invite people to our church. ‘The mission of the United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. The local churches provide the most significant arena through-which disciple making occurs’. We all need to do the work of disciple making and to pray without ceasing for our families, our congregation and the world. 


July 30, 2012

Leading in Challenging Times

By Bill Wilson

What if you knew that your congregation were on a collision course with its demise? What would you do? Whom would you tell? How would it change the way you lead? Would it affect your sense of urgency? Would it help you better distinguish between minor and major issues? The painful truth of the 21st century traditional congregation is that, without significant intervention, it faces a very grim future. The only growing segments for most denominations are new church starts, mega-churches, and ethnic congregations. That leaves the vast majority of American Protestant congregations that have been in existence more than 40 years facing a very uncertain future.


So how do congregational leaders lead when facing such fierce headwinds? In watching congregations attempt to deal with these realities in healthy ways, I have come to appreciate these practices:

Initiate some honest assessment. The starting point for creating a hopeful future is a realistic assessment of where you are. Many clergy and lay leaders live in denial of the truth about their congregational life. Someone will need to have the courage to point out the obvious, raise awareness, and wrestle with complex issues.

Resist the blame game. One of the reasons clergy are hesitant to point out the truth of declining metrics is that they know there is a high likelihood that the congregation will point an accusing finger at them. My observation is that, when confronted with the painful truth about their metrics, most congregations respond with predictable knee-jerk reactions and seek a quick fix to a deeply complex set of issues. If leaders can agree to hold off on blaming and focus on understanding and prayerful analysis, then honest and helpful conversation is a possibility.

Develop new metrics that fit today. Our measurements tend to fall into the “nickels and noses” variety. We think the only measure of spiritual health or success for a congregation is bodies in the seats on Sunday mornings and dollars in the plate. We are woefully ill prepared for the realities of the 21st century. Such metrics are a holdover from the churched-era when congregational involvement was a given and our faith traditions were the exclusive option for the religiously inclined. Dramatically new ways of measuring success and engagement are needed and available for thoughtful congregations.

Engage in Spirit-led proactive planning. Many congregations and leadership groups have neglected proactive planning and fallen victim to reactionary planning. We fail to look beyond the next quarter or 12 months, and find ourselves in a reactive stance, juggling whatever the culture or the economy or demographics or anxious congregants throw at us. Far healthier are the leaders who insist that their congregations invest resources and time to look ahead, anticipating rather than reacting.

Reclaim your heritage. Living in the mid-to-late 20th century has spoiled us. The church of Jesus Christ has always had its best days when facing the steepest odds or under the most intense persecution. We have grown lazy and sloppy in our outreach, discipleship, and stewardship. Our heritage as God’s people on a mission reminds us: “When we are weak, then we are strong.”

Lead. When we are in a crisis, we need leaders. Don’t go at it alone, but don’t think your congregation can navigate these turbulent waters without clear leadership. Business as usual for established churches is going to lead us to a world of declining resources, dwindling congregants, and the loss of vision and passion. Many are already there. Now is the time to speak the truth, reclaim our hope, and launch a realistic and thoughtful plan for our future as God’s people.


Dr. Bill Wilson is president of the Center for Congregational Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. This article is adapted from a column published in the Associated Baptist Press ( and used with their permission and that of the author.


Jeremiah 29: 11-14 says: For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.


I want to thank all the members and friends of Centenary United Methodist Church for the love you have shown my family and I since we landed on your shores, on July 1, 2012. I look forward to the work that we will accomplish together for the Kingdom of God, locally and globally.


My Brothers and Sisters in Christ; May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, may the rains fall soft upon your fields, and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand. Amen.


God Bless You and All Those That You Love!






Contributors: Bonnie, Jan, Rev. Lehlohonolo Henrietta Montjane


NEW! Church office hours will Monday and Wednesday 11am to 2pm. The CUMC Office is currently staffed from 10 AM to 1 PM by Jan Hanson and Bonnie Lithway, but another person is still greatly needed to cover the office one other day each week. If you are interested, speak with Rev. Montjane, Jan or Bonnie. Also, if you happen to notice any “misinformation” in the monthly Herald publication, please do notify Stephanie Dorrer immediately so it can be corrected in the following month’s Herald. Thank you in advance!




Contributor: Doreen Rolince, Church Council Secretary

June, 2012


Here are the highlights from your Centenary Church Council meeting held July 9, 2012:

  1. Council warmly welcomed Rev. Montjane to her first Centenary Church Council meeting. Most of the meeting time was spent bringing Rev. Montjane up to speed on the various committees and structure of the church.
  2. Continued issues about finance remain a "hot" topic as we enter steamy July.
  3. SPRC is still dealing with transition issues with the changing of the guard regarding payment schedules etc.
  4. Mission & Ministry is forging forward with Music for Mongolia contest on Aug 17, and would like everyone to pass the word out to youth to participate or others to come and enjoy the evening. Rev. Montjane is happy for these events because they are a form of evangelism for Centenary.
  5. Trustees requested a motion to upgrade the 15k limit to 26k for oil conversion for the church as details to do so are more realistic up to this figure was approved by council.
  6. The office workers are in need of another helper. Please consider helping to keep Centenary running smooth and keeping records for its future. New office hours are Monday and Wednesday 11am-2pm. These are also Rev. Montjane's hours at Centenary if you need to contact her or see her in person. You can always call her cell number 24/7 which is published in the weekly green sheet too.
  7. The Bazaar team is preparing to light the lamps and is looking for additional help and ideas for the next meeting on Tuesday, July 10. If you haven't attended a meeting to see what our biggest fundraiser of the year is all about, just ask Irene Marecek, Stephanie Dorrer or Dave Blessinger.
  8. For the summer months, worship resumes in Studley Hall during these hot, humid days with cozy seating and air conditioning.
  9. Rev. Montjane asked council to rethink the current structure of our committees at Centenary. She asked to meet with several committees to get up to speed and and expressed to council that the traditional structure of the UMC is not realistic anymore. Bible study, ecummenical work, small group introductions and a request for members to step forward for visitation were discussed.
  10. Council also voted in Heather Terry as a council member-at-large as she has been coming to the past month's meeting and expressed an interest in being a member of council. 


The next council meeting is Monday, August 13. We hope to see you there as we plan exciting things! God is Good! 





Contributor: Dave Blessinger


During the July meeting there was mostly discussion financial state Centenary with Rev. Montjane. The good news is the Centenary administrative bills are paid. No accounting details provided for July.



 Growing ~ Giving ~ Tithing ~ Sharing

Contributer: Wendy Danforth



Unfortunately, the need for this campaign continues at Centenary.

 Please consider adopting a bill, or a portion of a bill.


We have welcomed our new Pastor, Rev. Montjane, and I have noticed many members of my church family “buzzing with excitement” as we begin on a new journey together. However, at this time we are still falling behind with our monthly expenses (as we’ve seen in the monthly Treasurer’s Report).


Please pray, fervently, “listening with the ears of our hearts” as Rev. Montjane so aptly states. Bills waiting to be “adopted” include: Electric, Phone, Fuel, and Office Expenses. A grateful THANK YOU to those who have been able to “adopt bills” and/or include additional offerings each week.

 “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” James 1:17



Contributor: Tom Warren


Minutes from the July meeting were not available as of this publishing.  



Contributors: Irene Marecek, Stephanie Dorrer


Olde New England

Christmas on the Corner

November 9th & 10th


Mark your calendars now for our 2012 CUMC Bazaar! We will hold extended hours this year:

 Friday, November 9th from 4:30 – 8:00pm

 Saturday, November 10th from 8:30-3:00pm 


Summer is upon us! Keep thinking of this Year’s Bazaar! The Centenary United Methodist Church Bazaar is right around the Corner and the countdown continues! August 9th will be the start of the 3-month countdown. If you are planning any garage or attic sales and have leftovers, keep those collectibles in a bag that we can sell at our Bazaar. Ask neighbors who are moving or doing their spring cleaning. Grandma’s Basement, Vintage, Knit & Pearl, and Gifts from the Heart tables need all kinds of items. You can drop off your items in boxes available on the stage in Studley Hall. Several people have dropped off donation items already, and we thank you! Continue to THINK BAZAAR, where some things old are new again!. 


Our regular crew that THINKS BAZAAR meets regularly. At our July meeting, we planned the layout to ensure good flow among the (hopefully) large crowds we expect this year. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, August 14 at 7PM. The focus of the August meeting will be on Publicity. Handling our External Publicity this year will be Don Hanson; with Beverly Brooks as our Internal Publicity contact. Don will also be handling Silent Auction once again. If you or anyone you know can donate items or services, please contact Don directly. We also plan on having LOTS of homemade baked goods this year as this is always a consistent winner. Additionally, we will have order forms available for the Thanksgiving holiday. All are welcome to attend any meetings. Bring in fresh, new ideas around the focus topic areas, help is always needed particularly on the DECORATIONS committee! 


Calling all bakers! Advanced pie baking will take place Wednesday, November 7th from 8am - 12pm. Cupcake bakers will also will be called upon, but no firm date yet.


The Bazaar falls on Veterans Day weekend this year. We will honor our Military Service members in several different Bazaar locations.  Discounts to Veterans will be offered as a thank you. Additionally, we will have “Made in America” themes throughout the building -- Watch for it! 


Several folks have already offered to volunteer for a number of roles. Sharon Howlett is this year’s volunteer coordinator, so please contact Sharon if you’re able to help in any way. We gladly accept all the help we can get. At the moment, we are looking for table owners for the Christmas Past and Jewelry tables. We also welcome any help in the decorating department. Any ideas? Please contact Stephanie or Irene.


We are looking for “loaner” Lighthouse-themed items. In particular, any lighthouse ornaments for decoration or lighthouse cut-outs or small-scale 3D lighthouses for a display during the Centenary UMC Bazaar. These items will be returned. Simply mark your name on it so we know who to return it to.


We are still in search of the following items:  

  1. Vintage Table— Jewelry and other finely wrought things in crystal, silver, pottery, etc. 
  2. Silent Auction—Have something lovely and fine that you would like to donate? Neighbors with a business?
  3. Grandma’s BasementThin out those items from your home to make more room. Grandma would really love to have these things! Let’s not disappoint Grandma.
  4. Kneedle Works—Have talents in knitting and handmade works?—we need mittens, hats, scarves, etc. Americana, red, white and blue themes in particular would be appreciated. 
  5. Dollar Store—a unique variety of items sell quite well as thoughtful gifts.
  6. Gifts from the Heart -- Many items will be requested throughout the summer and into the fall as this busy, ever popular table creates masterpieces! Refer to the list of current items below, or you can also find the same list from Idella Michaud posted on CUMC website under Weekly Announcements.  


Continuing the call for help with craft/gift items starting!. A box is located in Studley Hall for items and/or call Idella (508-226-7236). Any of the following items are appreciated:

  1. Dominoes – any color and/or size
  2. Jars clear -- glass, ex: mayonnaise, baby food, etc. with covers
  3. Mason jars, all sizes
  4. Glass bottles, preferably clear
  5. Wine/champagne bottles
  6. Corks -- any size
  7. Bottle caps -- pop off and/or screw off metal any type (beer okay)
  8. Old lace doilies/cloth – will be used for crafts – sprayed over
  9. Wooden candle sticks – okay if scratched, etc.
  10. Old door knobs
  11. Old draw knobs/pulls
  12. Buttons any size and/or color
  13. Scrabble tiles many
  14. Older picture frames – no glass, will be used for other than pictures
  15. Small window frames – no glass, would love to have divided windows
  16. Pine cones
  17. Clay pots – any size, cleaned please, they may be used
  18. Shrink plastic
  19. Men’s ties -- not being used
  20. Wooden hangars
  21. Glass blocks -- any size
  22. Old tea cups and saucers – for crafts, no chips


And…throughout the summer months, please do plan on making extra homemade jellies, pickles, jams, and relishes of various sorts for the Bazaar. These items are hot ticket items and will sell out at the Bazaar, so we would really like to count on having a huge collection this year.


Contact any of our Bazaar Chairs for additional information, see Stephanie Dorrer, Irene Marecek or Dave Blessinger, if you have any questions. All you have to do is ASKSee you on Tuesday, August xx! 




Contributors: Beverly Brooks, Stephanie Dorrer

Share in Fellowship after church every Sunday! We also want to set up Bible Study and Prayer groups that include YOU!  Please let us know what days/times are good for you. We hope to get classes started in September. Pastor Montjane is encouraging everyone to BYOB each and every Sunday. That’s right, Bring Your Own Bible! Have your kids bring theirs too.

$5 Dinner & Movie NightsThese popular evenings will resume the 3rd Friday of September. Many thanks go out to Doreen and Dave for hosting these fun fellowship evenings! Mark your calendars to join us in September.


All Welcome for Open Bible Study... Jose Ocasio, our newest Centenary worshipper, is opening his home for a Bible Study group on Thursday, August 16 at 6:30pm. Jose first visited Centenary United Methodist Church on Sunday, July 15th. Jose and his wife, are opening up their home to Centenary UMC, plus other local friends interested in talking about the Bible. Bring your Bible and conversation! Light refreshments will be served. His address is 50 Maynard Ave., Attleboro. Call Jose directly with any questions at 508-369-8878. Thank you and welcome, Jose and family!




Contributors: Karna Antonitis (Mission & Ministry Chair), Stephanie Dorrer (Scrip)


Scrip Card Fundraiser The fundraising profit for July was $35.95 (21 cards). Scrip card orders for August will be collected the 1st Sunday, on August 5th. Go out and ask your friends and neighbors if they would like to purchase gift cards through this Centenary fundraiser. We would need the money up front and the check must clear, but of course cash is always appreciated. If you are submitting an order for a friend, you must include your name on the Scrip Order Form in case there are questions regarding the order. Feel free to drop all orders in the mail slot outside of the CUMC Office, or in the donation plate during our regular church service. Order forms are available from the Scrip display located in the lobby area; you can see a complete list of current retailers. Contact Stephanie Dorrer if you have any questions (508-285-3585). 


Plan ahead for your up-coming shopping needs! Find a wedding or birthday gift card to satisfy even the choosiest of family and friends. Walgreen's, Stop & Shop, CVS, Dunkin’ Donuts, Bass Pro Shop, Target, Walmart, plus so many more! Remember, it costs you nothing extra over the face value of the card. Special bonuses from the Scrip program this month include (to name a few local retailers):

  1. Marriott: Marriott has the same 8% non-profit contribution as their $50, $100 and $500 TravelCards.
  2. Coldwater Creek and New retailer scrip cards available in $25 denominations.



The Greater Attleboro Y (Youth) Factor Talent Show will be held on Friday, August 17th from 7:00-9:00 pm at Centenary Methodist Church. We are looking for any and all 6-17 year-olds, who are vocalists, instrumentalists, in a band, or those who know some appropriate family-friendly stand up. Contestant entry fee will be $10 (up to 2 people per act). Additional members of an act are $5 each to register. There will be First and Second Place Ca$h prizes. “Crowd Favorite” will receive a prize as well. Refreshments will be sold during our show including: Strawberry Shortcake and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches. If you are a talented youth or know of one please register by August 8. Registration forms are available at the church office or online . All proceeds from the talent show will support mission work in Mongolia. For more information email Karna Antonitis (




Please consider volunteering your time, becoming a sponsor and praying for the success of this mission. Our own Irene Marecek’s brother and his wife have been missionaries in Mongolia for almost a year now. We are recruiting help to make and serve refreshments during the talent show. In preparation for the strawberry shortcake desserts, we are asking for people to purchase strawberries in advance (while they are on sale), add a little sugar, and freeze them in 1 qt. freezer bags. We also need Sponsors for the event. Families and Friends of Centenary can become a sponsor for $10 and their name will go in the program. Businesses can choose to be a silver or a gold sponsors (business cards needed).

Specially designed t-shirts will be on sale for $10.00. All proceeds will go to purchasing bibles and seed money for outreach. (Our goal is $1,000.00!!!) We will need a lot of “hands on deck” for this one. Please see Karna Antonitis for more information. The office has forms or you can go to the church website at for information on this Mission, registration forms, or information and forms for sponsors.




Contributors: Michelle Burch, Beverly Brooks


Good news! We have a new air conditioner! Also, we will soon have a metal cage which will protect it a bit from those who seek copper to sell. There is now a large spotlight in the alley where our air conditioner and others are located. While we think this will deter theft, someone said, “It will light up the area so they can better see as they steal the copper!” Please pray for our air conditioner and the others as well.


On Saturday, July 21st, HFP had a table at the Attleboro Farmer’s Market. Michelle and Bev set-up a display in front of the table with a contribution jug. As we arrived around 8:00 a.m., we were happy to see that folks had already started to bring boxes of food items. One young woman brought the contents of her recently deceased grandmother’s pantry.


Anyone who contributed food items or even a $1.00 cash contribution got to fill out a slip to put in a special container for a drawing that will give a Kindle to some lucky contributor. The Farmer’s Market created this opportunity, and they heavily advertised our being there on Saturday. Toward noon and the end of the Farmer’s Market, several of the farmers and others brought their vegetables and fruits to us for HFP pantries. High school volunteers helped us get all the goods over to our pantry. We were blessed to have collected just over $96.00 in cash contributions! We will be there on September 1st and October 13th as well; come to the market and stop by to visit.


Two years ago, when Michelle went on vacation, I was trained to make the food order with the Greater Boston Food Bank. I was astounded that I ordered almost 7,000 lbs. of food that will be readied for the Thursday pick-up. We have been telling you how our numbers have increased. Well, we now order 10,000 lbs. or more of food items at the Greater Boston Food Bank! Every week! And, after Thursday evening, our shelves are really emptied. You can be proud of the positive impact Hebron Food Pantries have on those who come on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As always, we are most appreciative of your support of our efforts to help those in need.





Juniper’s Missional Prayer

(Rev. Laurence Hill, brother of Rev. David Hill)

God of Jesus,

See me, know me, love me, heal me,

and send me to see, know, and love others,

that you may heal them and send them.

Brother Juniper





Recurring Events

 Hebron Food Pantry (Seniors) Tuesdays @ 10:30-11:30am

Hebron Food Pantry (Working Persons) Thursdays @ 5-8pm

 Food-n-Friends Saturdays @ 11am

Emergency Food Pantry @ Posted Office Hours


Up-coming Events

  1. August
  1. 5: Worship service @ 9am

 -- Scrip giftcard orders are due today

  1. 6: Finance Committee Meeting(1st Monday each month) @ 5:30pm
  2. 12: Worship service @ 9am
  3. 13: Church Council Meeting (2nd Monday each month) @ 7pm
  4. 19: Worship service @ 9am
  5. 20: SPRC Meeting (3rd Monday each month) @ 7pm
  6. 22: Trustees Meeting (3rd Wednesday each month) @ 7:30pm

 -- Hebron Moment & Offering

  1. 26: Worship service @ 9am
  2. 27: Mission & Ministry Meeting (4th Monday each month) @ 7pm



*Save the date: September 9 - Rally Day! (more information to follow)




Centenary Sign of the Times



Lectionary Readings for August

Week 1

2 Samuel 11:26-12:13a

Psalm 51:1-12

Ephesians 4:1-16

John 6:24-35


Week 2

2 Samuel 18:5-9, 15, 31-33

Psalm 130

Ephesians 4:25-5:2

John 6:35, 41-51


Week 3

1 Kings 2:10-12, 3:3-14

Psalm 111

Ephesians 5:15-20

John 6:51-58


Week 4

1 Kings 8(1. 6, 10-11) 22:30, 41-43

Psalm 84

Ephesians 6:10-20

John 6:56-69

Centenary United Methodist Church 

15 Sanford St

Attleboro, MA 02703



Return Service Requested





















 is a publication of Centenary United Methodist Church. 

Article deadlines are due the 3rd Friday of the month.

We cannot guarantee publication of late submissions.





Pastor .......................... Rev. Lehlohonolo Henrietta Montjane

Minister of Music ...... Dennis Avey

Secretary..................... Volunteers

Sexton ....................... Glenn Rounsville

Lay Leader................. Hermine Graham

Herald Editor/Proofreader...... Beverly Brooks

Publisher................. Stephanie Dorrer







We are called to be disciples of Jesus Christ

to live, to learn and follow,

through words and actions,

teaching His forgiveness and love.


We will proclaim Christ boldly

in this community and in the world,

seeing social outreach as our vision

and serving all people with humility and love.































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